ASEP2013 Theme Unsung Hero/Heroine

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The Theme of ASEP2013
"Unsung Heroes /heroines"

One Student said "We considered ASEP 2013 was an opportunity to practice what we have learnt from the past presentations. For instance, we felt before it was difficult to communicate smoothly with Taiwanese students because of the differences of culture and language. Therefore, this time, we wanted to share our understanding and put our opinions together. We also decided to improve cooperative and negotiating skills through interaction and cooperation with students from other backgrounds."



ASEP 2013日本から108名の参加
14回目 2000からの継続プログラム
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Report from Japanese Participants

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Kansai University
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2012昨年度 報告

Feedback on Asep2011: Japanese Participants
日本側2012ASEP 参加者レポート 英語版

日本側2011ASEP 参加者レポート 日本語
日本側2011ASEP 市村氏総論日本語レポート


小学校英語教育 English Village見学

Flag and Drams youtube

Taiwan Steering Committee student Chair

Student Exiting Dance Farewell party

JP-Taiwan H.S. presentation1youtube

Nanzan H.S presentation

Nishi sensei , Saxophone youtube



VIDEO:Presentation video Clips NEW , 2013,12,30. Uploaded

Comment from the judge

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Sisiter project :students presentations.

Tips!!! Video clip Bolts and Nuts of Effective Presentation.

this event have been over one decade under the strong collaboration Taiwan and Japan.(World Youth Meeting)


you should refer to this book


We wish to strongly advocate that theA.S.E.P. is not merely such an event, it is an ICP based on the principals of constructivism and a place where both teachers and students meet and come face-to-face with themselves and find the best way to make use of ICT to enrich their lives.

Furthermore, the teaching methodology opens windows for them to the world via the networking involved in this event.

  Let's share the photos and movies at ASEP



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