Asian Students Exchange Program


Nanzan Kokusai High School

 I enjoyed ASEP this time; I could learn Taiwanese culture and learn how warm people in Taiwan are. When I first arrived Taiwan, I couldn’t realize the difference between Japan and Taiwan, expect the warm weather and number of motorbikes.

On the first day, I enjoyed sightseeing at Taipei and watched march of soldier. The guide told me the way soldier walks, and I tried a little. But it was too difficult for me and my legs began to hurt soon. After that, I was taken to a store of tea which is famous in Taiwan. I usually was not really interested in tea, but I was surprised at them having many kinds of tea. I drank about 30cups, and I felt my skins became younger. We went to eat ‘Shoronpo’, and it was awesome.

The second day, it was my first time to see Tina who is my home stay. She gave me a board which was written ‘Welcome to Taiwan’ and I was really glad. After, we went to Shu-te high school to prepare for the presentation. When we arrived at the school, some classes were having a Christmas party, and we enjoyed together. People in Taiwan always welcomed as so nice, even we were foreigner. Everyone who enjoyed ASEP was also kind and funny, that I couldn’t help laughing.

On the third day, we used library and prepared for the presentation. We ate lots of bubble milk tea, and surprised at the size. It was huge and I thought it is impossible in Japan.

The fourth day, we prepared for the presentation, again. At night, we were taken to some night market with some friends. It was really fun and I could make awesome memories.

On the fifth day, we had ASEP. I was surprised that the stage was really big, but my friends told me it is okay, so I wasn’t really nerves. I think the presentation was well and I am satisfied with it. Only think I have to reflect is that we could make the PPT faster and practice to speak and to act. And so we could make the presentation better.

The sixth day, it was last day in Taiwan. Farewell was so ache for us, that we all cried.

It was only six days which was short, but I could have really great days. I could learn many things, I came to like more about Taiwan and I want to know more! I want to thanks to everyone’s kindness.

南山国際高等学校1年 里奈



二日目はホームステイ先のTinaと初対面で、‘Welcome to Taiwan’と書いたボードをプレゼントしてもらい、暖かい歓迎にとても感動しました。その後、樹徳家商(学校)に行きプレゼンの準備をしました。学校につくと、みんなクリスマスパーティを実施しており、一緒に踊りました。初めて会った見知らぬ外国人なのにとても親切に接してくれてうれしかったです。ASEPに参加した人たちもみなとても優しくて、面白くて、笑いが絶えませんでした。