Learning environment focusing on Leanersf Conviction Driven by Authenticity


                                           Makoto Kageto

@@@@@@@@@@@@@          @Nihon Fukushi University


ASEP stands for Asian Student Exchange Program where we have been involved over the decade as Japanese group comprising more than 10 university and schools. Kaohsiung Educational Bureau have been supporting this event since 1999 expecting English Presentation enhancement among the students in that city.

ASEP is not merely the event, but the international collaborative project in which teachers cooperate and carry out the event internationally and constantly.

They all have to know the effect of constructivism glearner should know the meaning of their activity rather than passively receiving the knowledge from capable person.h

Itfs the stage for learner to learn a lot from the viewpoint of cultural understanding and how to enhance English communication skills challenging collaborative presentation.




In the Heterogeneous environment, participants try to acquire the following skills while making the joint presentation collaboratively.



Ø  They will expected

To learn how to overcome Conflicts resolution in accordance to the certain process pointed out by Professors.@

To come to know how English works on their experiences as EFL learners in Asian legion.

To understand and acquire the enough skills to use Internet for their pre-event preparation.

To know how internet works efficiently in the process of preparation.

 To train gProject Management Body of Knowledgeh skills.


Teachers and Professors

Ø  To realize the way to enhance EFL learning comparing the methodology undertook in Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Japan.

To analyze the different outcomes shown on the performance from the viewpoint of EFL curriculum.

To seek the solution if Japanese scholars face the issues of Japanese inferior performance. 


Process of the event


Preparatory event

Using Skype, they discuss the issues regarding the joint presentation getting to know who are the counterparts.

In Kaohsiung City

Completing presentation is the most important part for them after coming to Kaohsiung.  Mic handling or practice prosody must be the big topic for them.


On the designated day.

More than 1000 participants gathered together to enjoy the English Presentations.

As for awarding, two kinds of prize are prepared .  Platina for superior presentation, Gold prize for outstanding performance.




Dec. 23-24

Arrive at Kaohsiung

From Fukui, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya

Activity with partner school


School visit, presentation script

Combine the presentation prepared.


School visit

English village


Press conference.

Meet the director of Educational bureau

Cultural visit

Completing the presentation


ASEP presentation


Referees Judge the performance.


Visit cultural spot

Get to know each other


Back to Japan

See the participants off at the Bullet Train Station




@This event have been hosted by Kaohsiung City more than 13 years. Not only the academic H.S. but also vocational H.S. have taken part in past 10years , they devoted themselves to the enhancement of English communication and English presentation.

The presentation on the event have been the role model for them to follow up to today. Teachers in vocational H.S. have been striving for excellence of English education. From my own viewpoint, they have already reached around TOEIC700 level.

@As for university level students, we could realize how they reacted to the performance conducted by the counterpart. Their English attitude subtly affects each other knowing how English work on their presentation. At the same time , they could recognize that discussion turns into what should be done to overcome the conflicts caused by the differences in culture and ways of communication while keeping the image of outcomes for the designated day.

Such an attitude leads them to be a person who could negotiate international issues with patient and efforts holding the solution such as gDual concern Modelh showing the way to grow up of g Read and Understandingh English Learning.

Their enough ability to hBasic inter personal Communication Skills h works well while they go around the night market or restaurant. It is surely indispensable tool for them to broaden the life to use Englishes in their communication.


University Students


Ever Preparation was conducted in Enlish.  Home-stay program, preparation of the presentation, and conflict resolution. Most of them are now studying English related faculty such as International welfare development, Foreign studies, and Informatics.

Since they have nourished the English communication ability, they could deepen their experiences with Taiwanese students through valuable activities. They looked full of satisfaction and have fun-filled days.

Spontaneously conversation with one Korean H.S. student started. I gave him several questions regarding English education in Korea using relatively difficult words like gHeterogeneoush, hbilateral relationh etc.. he could answered every question fluently.

I was surprised with his meticulous reply to my questions.


Collaborative Presentaiton

As for conference site,  3,000 plus capacity gymnasium, 200 plus capacity Hall was prepared for the presentations.  Each presentation lasts nearly 10 minutes that looks efficient due to simplified contents. Presenter always keep attention toward interaction with audience enhancing good relation by asking questions or gesturing for better communication with audience.

As for the teachers in charge of this event, fortunately they are enforced to English communication to lead both sides of students to gear up collaboration.  

Time with Taiwanese and Japanese students helps teachers to train themselves to be good English teachers and good English speakers. there is nothing to be done but to find how English works with people reflecting on other cultures.



 The event has been hold more than 13 year under the strong relation with Taiwan and Japan. Presentation time has become 10mintes imbued with the history of designing event focusing on the presentation for the sake of keeping good attention.

 In case of Japan, they always used video clips or sounds on web to share the good presentation making them role model for new comers. Presentation must be kiss g Keep it Simple and Smarth they could learn. Itfs called WYM , ASEP cultures where forrunner left the hundreds of tips for better communication.

On the contrary, in case of Taiwan, since the school carrying out the event was changed every year, it looks hard to accumulate the legacy of the management and presentation tips. We hope their precious experience enlighten the way for further enhancement  that lead Asian Global education and Englishes.