ASEP 2012



Fukui Commercial High School


    I was looking forward to going to Taiwan and meeting my host family.

    I wanted to join international business course event so I challenged this event to speak English much better.

    ASEP title was “cooperation and competitiveness.”  When I heard it, I wondered if we would succeed in this presentation.  I heard that Taiwanese students had the same idea.  In Taiwan we practiced very hard to succeed until 8 pm every day, so I was very tired.  Taiwanese students said “You look very tired. Are you OK?”  When I heard this, I wanted to succeed with all members.

   ASEP was held on December 28th.  I was very nervous.  There were many foreign people in the room.  When I saw people from different countries, I wanted to talk with them.  If I tried to talk with them, my English skills would be better.  Actually, I talked with a lot of people.  I was able to make friends there through this event.   When our turn came, we encouraged each other with smile.  When I stood on the stage, I saw a lot of people in front of me, but I was not nervous at all.  Then, I wanted to enjoy our presentation.

   After our presentation, I asked Ms. Toda, “How did you feel about our presentation?”  She said, “You were very good.”  I was very glad to hear this.  Taiwanese students cried. I cried, too because I was able to speak my part perfectly.  As we had expected, we won platinum prize.

  When I came back to Japan, I thought English is a very important language.  It was difficult for me to have communication with my host family, so I want to learn more about English.  I try to study English harder with my classmates.




ASEP 2012






今回のASEPのトピックは”Cooperation and Competitiveness”でした。私がこのトピックを聞いたとき、このプレゼンを成功させることができるのだろうかと思いました。台湾の生徒も同じことを思っていたと聞きました。台湾では、プレゼンを成功させるために、毎日夜8時まで一生懸命練習していたのでとても疲れました。台湾の生徒は、「とても疲れているように見えるよ。大丈夫?」と心配してくれました。私はこの言葉をかけられたとき、ここにいるみんなとこのプレゼンを成功させたいと強く思いました。








My memories of ASEP 2012



Fukui Commercial High School


   I decided to join ASEP because I wanted to learn more English and communicate with foreign people.

   We were very busy preparing the script. I broadened my knowledge and learned many English phrases while I was making the script. Also, the ALTs taught us and corrected our pronunciation. We practiced it over and over every day.

When I arrived in Kaohsiung, my host family smiled and their expressions made me relax. They were very kind. They told me about Taiwan and took me to various places. Thanks to them, I was able to learn about Taiwan. In return, I gave them presents from Japan and told them about Japan’s culture and language. They were interested in Japanese language. My host sister introduced herself in the Japanese. I was very surprised by that.

When I went to Kaohsiung Commercial High School, the Taiwanese students were very friendly and kind. They spoke to me many times. I was able to interact with them a lot. We had to practice our presentation to get a prize. They taught me how to say my lines. They were very good at English. I could hardly believe that we were at the same age. Thanks to their support, we got the platinum prize in the end.

We are going to Australia this summer. I want to make good use of this experience in Australia, too. I’ll never forget ASEP and my wonderful memories of Taiwan.






ASEP 2012の思い出