My first time to join the ASEP

SACHI Yoshimoto


This was the first time to join the ASEP for me. There are some reasons why I decided to take part in the ASEP. First, we can make a presentation with Taiwan students. This is the primary reason that I participated in this so that this is the greatest attraction of this ASEP. Second, I can talk English with Taiwanese. Like Japan, English is not a native language in Taiwan. I was interested to take the communication with English very much. Finally, I can have a homestay at Taiwanese student’s house.

     In the preparatory stages, we hit the wall because the difference of the country between Japan and Taiwan. We couldn’t have a face-to-face talk with them. So we had a meeting in a Japanese side, Taiwan side and report the contents of the meeting and an opinion through a blog. We had to build presentation from scratch, so we took long to exchange our views on the subject.

     Japanese and Taiwanese don’t speak English usually, so we couldn’t communicate successfully. We could understand a meaning by talking directly. We took long time to prepare the presentation. But, when we got platinum Prize, I filled with pleasure.

    And it was a very big thing for me to have stayed in a Taiwanese family. This is the first time to stay in a Taiwanese family. That is a very amazing experience for me.

     I have some memories of ASEP. Best my memory of this is that I could feel warm-heartedness of Taiwanese. They took us many places during the period and taught a lot about Taiwan. After I came back to Japan, I keep in touch with them. I really want to take part in this event, and meet them soon.