関西大学 久保田賢一ゼミ







     I did presentation with students of National San Yat-Sen university on WYM2008 last summer. I decided to participate in this ASEP2008 aiming at better presentation and a better exchange basing the reflection of WYM2008.

     We could not able to advance the preparation for presentation well, because we could not able to advance a prior exchange smoothly. However, we could do a prior report and so on, because the coordinator of National San Yat-Sen University is our friend we make friends with on WYM2008. So, a prior discussion concerning the content and the theme presentation went well. But it actually had a rough going work to make PPT with Taiwanese students.

     There was twist and turn, but as a private individual we could acquire the platinum prize in presentation and could eliminate resistance and ashamed especially in the exchange because we exchanged together on WYM2008 once. I think that I could achieve my aim. I reflect that I could not see other participants' presentation firmly because I concentrated on our own presentation too much. So, I want to see other presentation carefully and want to acquire their how to do presentation and want to pay attention to the theme that they set.In the future, I want to tell juniors what I obtained with this ASEP and WYM. And, I want to prepare it firmly so that the coordinator in Japan is served at next WYM and ASEP.