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The participation of this ASEP2008 became the one that caused confidence for me.

I was participating in WYM2008, and the first time at that time all was done single-mindedly. However, it was able to be understood what to be done from the entire flow and a prior preparation because WYM had been experienced this time.

The preparation for presentation was able to be advanced by the favor more deeply than last time through E-mail blog Skype. However, mutually wrong understanding was done according to the low degree of the language ability, and there were many parts like vague recognition. Now in such a state, it doesn't advance smoothly still when meeting and pursuing the subject. It did not collide especially in WYM and the talk had been advanced. I feel the value considerably in this collision. Because the opinion had been mutually thrown also at the moment it when Taiwanese's idea and culture, etc. were caught a glimpse, the relations of us became deeper.

And, it was in five days felt because Taiwanese's gentleness was renewed. It was really kind to sightseeing ..homestay.. from first to last. In communications in English, it was not really good. However, only honesty and mortifying remained without speaking so much because WYM was not good at English because it was passive. There is that, too and it was able to enjoy exchanging this time though only regret was a desire that it did not want to do, and poor English. This caused confidence to "Speak in English" for me. The reflected point is not regretted though is a lot.