立命館中学高等学校 高校1年生 H.K





My impressions of the ASEP

First grade of Senior High    

I have a great experience in this ASEP. Before I went to Taiwan, I felt anxieties about going to a foreign country and living with host family. I was irresolute to join the ASEP. I was nervous and felt anxiety. But, when we arrived at Taiwan, we were welcomed by Taiwanese students. I was so glad.

I couldn’t give my opinions at the meeting. But, I think that I could be more involved in this ASEP than WYM. I have new friends who exchange e-mail. It was difficult for me that exchanging e-mail with my friends, but it was fun and good experiences.

If I join to the next ASEP, I want to talk with Taiwanese students. In this time, I couldn’t do making presentation and taking with Taiwanese students and host family. I often couldn’t catch their English. So I felt that Taiwanese students have a high level of English. I tried to listen and talk. Taiwanese students are very kind. They tried to hear my broken English. When I said “one more”, they talk many times. I was so glad. In the next time, I’ll try to talk with confidence. It was difficult for me to talk in English, but these experiences are unforgettable.