Impressions of ASEP 2008


The five days I spent in Taiwan gives me good experiences. Taiwan was a better country than I had expected.  Of course, I spent very good time in Taiwan. However, at the same time I spent hard time, too. We practiced very hard because we had to make a good presentation. It made us very tired.  Some people cried when they got teacher's advice. But...But... we did our best. So, we could make really a good presentation. I thought making something together is very beautiful. We could be winner in ASEP. But I think it is natural to be winner. Because we got confidence from hard practice. I really thank my friend.

I could feel Taiwanese culture through this program,too. They were really interesting for me. I especially like night market. There are many kinds of booths. For example, food shop, cloth shop, watch shop and so on. It made me surprised. And it was really cheap. So I could eat a lot of food and buy many Taiwanese goods for my friends. The food sold in night market was very delicious. But...I couldn't eat stinky tofu乮廘摛晠). It gave off a strong smell. But I think it's one of the culture difference. I think it is similar to natto(擺摛乯Although almost Japanese like it, almost foreign people dislike it. I'm interesting about culture difference more and more through this experience.

My best memory in Taiwan is Taiwanese nice friend. When I moved school with my bag, Taiwanese friends carried my heavy bag instead of me. In addition, the students were not only boys but also girls! Of course I said "Thank you. I'm very happy. But I can carry my bag myself.乭 But they said, "I'll bring it. I'll bring it."  with a smile. I was very impressed with their actions. I think Taiwanese are very courtesy and kind. Of course they are not only courtesy and kind but also funny. I could get power from their jokes. They were like comedian. I really love them! And they sometimes use Japanese word. It made me very surprised. Taiwanese love Japan and Japanese culture. I think Taiwanese love Japan more than Japanese.  They really know about Japan. But they love my own country. I think Japanese people should follow them.  On the Last day, Taiwanese friend cried for us in the airport. Their tears was really beautiful. I'll never forget their tears forever. I'm sure of our seeing again each other in the future. I hope that time can come soon.

I want to be a cosmopolitan. That is my dream. So I'm learning English and Japanese culture hard. Thanks to this program I could get confidence. I could make people laugh with my English in presentation. I think I could be a little cosmopolitan through this program.

Finally, I want to say "thank you" to everyone who join ASEP. 乬Your smile was really good. I won't forget you forever. We are friends. Don't forget that. See you again!乭


Impression of ASEP

Fukui Commercial High School  E.N


ASEP left a very deep impression on me. Thanks to ASEP, I could grow up. Before I went to Taiwan, I was so nervous. I couldn乫t have confidence, so I didn乫t like talk with foreigners. Of course when I got to Taiwan, I concerned about speaking English. But I knew it was not bitter for me to speak English. Speaking English was very hard and I thought I should have no mistake. But I wanted to talk with Taiwanese people. I wanted to know how I can use English. When I met my host family for the first time, they talked to me with great smile on their face. I was so happy. I乫ll never forget that experience.

The deepest impression was Taiwanese school. I was very surprised because Taiwanese students have great vigor. They were very active. Thanks to them, I could have great memories. I will never forget the few days with them. I guess it was very hard for them to understand my broken English.

Through ASEP, I met a lot of people. I made a presentation with students of two schools. It was not easy to collaborate with two school. We practiced presentation until 10 o乫clock in the evening. A lot of problem also happened, but we didn乫t give up.  We were discuss for a long time. We got the prize of platinum thanks to lots of supportive people. Especially teachers. Of course, we made presentation very hard, but we couldn乫t make it without them.

I am thankful to presentation members, too. They were very kind to me.

They cried when we got the platinum. I will never forget their tears. I have a lot of memories with them. I spent with them most of the time in Taiwan. When I go back to Japan, they gave me some letters or message cards. I felt close to tears. It was hard to say good bye. Thanks to them, I can have confidence. They taught me pleasure of chatting with foreigners in English. They made me grow up. I wanted to learn about foreign countries. If I lose confidence, I will recall them. Then, I will cheer me up.

Now I have a goal in my mind. The goal is to know about foreigners more. I was very shy before I go to Taiwan. But now, I want to try a lot of things. ASEP made me active. I think there are a lot of things that I乫ve never seen before. For example, I haven乫t known fabulousness of Taiwan before. Through chatting foreigners I will grow up. I study English in Japan. It is the first step to get goal. If I hadn乫t visited Taiwan, I wouldn乫t feel that now.

Finally, I would like to thank my family. I could join ASEP thanks to them. I want to never forget this experience. It will be power of my school life.  I was really lucky to be able to get the chance to participate in ASEP.