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ASEP2005--6th Asian Student Exchange Program

Memories in ASEP2004
The theme for 2005 is set as OUR EARTH, OUR HOME, which is aimed at sharing Asian young students' vision about the new world order in the global society through exploring global issues together by means of global project-based learning. Essential global issues include building world peace, globalization, natural disasters,  international volunteering, poverty reduction, and so on.

Advised By

Ministry of Education, Taiwan  |  Kaohsiung Bureau of Education, Taiwan |  NSYSU

Hosted By

Kaohsuing Bureau of Education, Taiwan

Organized By

Kaohsiung Municipal San Min Vocational High School of Home Economic and Commerce

Program Committees

Advanced Joint English Telecommunication, Taiwan |  WYMC, Japan

Supported By

I*EARN Taiwan, Taiwan  |  Youth Knowledge Network (YKN), Taiwan

Participating Schools

Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Australia